Tonight! Hanna Eshel / Patrick Parrish / Project No. 8 / Grey Area

If you happen to be 
or anytime between now and August 4th
please go by and check out the 
amazing show of 
painting and sculptures 
from the 
some seen for the very first time.
My dear friends Brian and Elizabeth from 
will also be showing a selection from their amazing stores.
are the fine and friendly hosts
and have amazing design and art books too!
Check it out!


where the cool things are - mondo cane is now patrick parrish

(The website is new too, so check it out....)

This is "news" from
The New York Times
is a about a month old 
but I figured,
better late than never right?
Maybe some of you that are still looking
at blogs
might not have known.
It's been months and months since
I have actually blogged
but now that I am getting settled into my new digs,
maybe I can start blogging again???
I hope so,
I've really missed it actually.
Until then,
check me out on the #BlogKiller
#Instagram where I still have a MONDO in my name!